Smart & Smarter

Continued Community Management Education

Someone famous once said “when you stop learning – you stop growing.” In the field of Community Management nothing could be more insightful. Laws can change, regulations can be rewritten and new technology can and will change the way Community Managers do their daily jobs.
One of the most valuable tools Community Managers can give themselves is to continually educate and expand their knowledge. Pursuing education contributes to better job performance and longevity for managers. It also provides board members with the necessary expertise to lead their communities effectively.

Being in the know.

Community managers are expected to be up-to-date on administrative and clerical duties, fiscal requirements, building and grounds maintenance, among other tasks.
Community Associations Institute (CAI) was created to provide continuing education for community managers. With over 40,000 members and 63 chapters, CAI provides information, education and resources to the homeowner volunteers and the community managers.
CAI offers great courses as part of its education program that cover the fundamentals of managing and governing a community association. Chaparral highly encourages our managers to pursue continued education with CAI, starting with courses that are most applicable to the immediate needs of your community.

In addition to staying up to date on laws and regulations and best practices in several key areas, community managers and board members need to become familiar with new technologies either to improve existing processes or adjust their communication strategy to keep up with demographic changes.

For example, a community may have homeowners who speak a different language. If so, community managers may benefit from classes that provide proficiency in that second language. That will make communication more effective, allowing all residents to be heard and understood.

Another opportunity is to continue learning all the aspects of the community manager’s job by exploring classes that round out the knowledge in many aspects of the job.
If a community is plagued by frequent insurance claims about maintenance issues a community manager can take remediation classes from a restoration service provider to be able to brainstorm solutions with the insurance company and other involved parties.

When it comes to legislative changes, the association’s legal counsel can be a fantastic resource. In many locations, law firms hold quarterly legislative updates that cover recent changes to existing laws, their potential effects on HOA communities, and what to expect in the future—information that is valuable to inform day-to-day management and governance.

It’s a win win.

Expanding community manager knowledge by continue education creates a win/win opportunity for the manager and the community. Motivated individuals can better assist residents, become more effective leaders, and contribute to the success of our communities. Meanwhile, ongoing education with organizations like CAI helps build strong resumes and opens the door to new opportunities.