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Our Partners

We have a fiduciary responsibility to properly screen all vendors providing services to our associations. This includes ensuring all vendors have the proper insurance requirements. To accomplish this, we partner with VIVE — a third-party vendor compliance firm. Our associations can rest assured that all VIVE-approved vendors have been thoroughly vetted.

Vendors benefit by having increased exposure to Chaparral’s communities through VIVE. This program helps protect those with the requisite insurance from being undercut by companies who cut corners. Additionally, VIVE offers a “vendor savings” program where you can save on products and services to decrease your costs on commonly purchased products, like maintenance supplies, wireless services and paint.

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Vendors can increase their exposure to both existing clients and new ones. Approval is good for 12 months and allows vendors to perform work for Chaparral’s entire portfolio of clients.

VIVE requires all vendors to complete a risk management evaluation in order to perform work.

There are no referral fees or completion fees, and VIVE does not collect fees for bidding on jobs or when being paid for work obtained through the VIVE system.

Vendors are offered the easiest registration process in the market. A Compliance Specialist will review all compliance findings to ensure a personal and efficient approval process.