Hello. What can we do for you?

Chaparral is here to create tailored programs for your community.
We dedicate time upfront to understand your board, community and residents before we create a plan for your community. Then we place the right manager with the right neighborhood. Our customer service–driven teams are well-versed in:


The Chaparral finance team oversees your community’s billing and collections, manages accounts payable, creates annual budgets and prepares required financial reports.

Ultimately, Chaparral guides communities into making informed financial decisions that meet the goals of the community in:


Keeping property values high is our number one goal. Our inspectors enforce deed restrictions to assist homeowners in maintaining compliance with community standards. We are proud that Chaparral properties are valued as much as 15% higher than other nearby communities.

  • Schedule common site visits
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements
  • Manage compliance reviews
  • Provide prompt, professional service to owners regarding their account
  • Establish and maintain files for each home/lot
  • Interact with title companies, realtors and mortgage companies
  • Process changes in home ownership
  • Provide assessment statements
  • Prepare delinquency reports
  • Assess fines, late fees and repairs
  • Provide guidance for collection
  • Prepare annual owner ledger


Our managers make meetings easy by scheduling meetings, creating agendas, preparing materials and guiding the Board efficiently and effectively.

  • Maintain a record of active HOA board members
  • Maintain association files
  • Communicate with attorneys and accountants
  • Prepare for HOA board meetings
  • Prepare and distribute annual owners’ meeting notice
  • Maintain corporate records


  • Image, approve and archive invoices and supporting information for all payables
  • Maintain vendor files
  • Pay vendors
  • Pay federal taxes if applicable
  • Prepare annual payables reports


Chaparral represents each community’s day-to-day interactions with the association’s insurance companies. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating insurance proposals
  • Reporting claims
  • Reviewing proposals


The Chaparral team ensures all contractors have the required insurance coverage, manages bidding processes and coordinates with vendors to guarantee each community excellent service at the best price. As your partner,

  • Establish standard contracts
  • Develop and issue requests for proposals
  • Obtain quotes
  • Analyze proposals
  • Assist in contract negotiations
  • Monitor contractor performance
  • Present reports at board meetings
  • Issue payments


Assisting homeowners when they need help is the easiest way to keep the community running smoothly. We have the answers to all their questions regarding their account, recent correspondence, upcoming events, home remodeling, and more. We are available online, over the phone, and in-person to assist with:

  • Architectural reviews for remodeling
  • Communications
  • Annual homeowner meeting
  • Billing questions
  • Welcome letters/packages


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