The Secret Sauce

The most-wanted qualities of a Community Manager

Believe it or not, Chaparral still manages their very first community since 1973. The most important ingredient in keeping our community partners happy? It’s all about the community managers, who are here to guide, consult and execute for the HOA board.

Qualities of a great community manager?

Each and every community board is different and Chaparral knows that creating a strong and successful relationship between the board and the community manager is job number one. A brilliant manager helps leaders stay on track, fulfill their duties and prepare the community for growth. We asked some of our community partners “what are the best qualities of a great manager?” and this is what we heard.

Be organized.

Coming in at the top of the most desirable community manager attributes is “being organized”. And that makes perfect sense. The job of the manager is to requires solid organizational skills that allow them to efficiently complete tasks, easily access documents, and keep the organization running smoothly.

Can we talk?

Effective communication skills are one of the most important elements in the success of the community. A top-notch manager should be easily accessible and able to lead regular, clear communication with board members, service providers and residents. Partner that with a friendly hello and wave and the community manager is an integral part of the neighborhood.

Dollars and sense.

Community managers are responsible for many financial aspects of the association. The best managers are a blend of cruise director, movie producer and accountant. Understanding all aspects of the operating budget, reserve funds and studies, being able to communicate about fiduciary items and complete honesty and integrity are the foundation of community manager success.

Know the business.

CAMs need to know the ins-and-outs of all aspects of each and every HOA. They must be able to comprehend the structure and operations of an HOA, the specific governing documents, and any applicable local, state, or federal laws. A great community manager has the experience to understand issues before they become problems.

Custom customer service.

Every HOA board member questioned for this article agreed on one thing that makes a community manager someone they can’t imagine being without… unmatched customer service. Community managers are tasked with a myriad of daily requests, comments and concerns but the best-of-the-best managers respond and resolve issues in a timely manner while maintaining a positive, friendly customer-first attitude.

The ingredients to making a community manager goes on and on. But this list highlights the top attributes of what makes a great community manager a brilliant community manager. If this sounds like what you’re made of or what your HOA needs, give Chaparral a call.