The DL on HOA’s

Benefits of Living in HMO Communities

What are the best reasons to live in an HMO community? We asked our Chaparral community managers to highlight the most popular benefits of living in a HOA community and here is what we heard.

Community and belonging

There is a real sense of togetherness in a well-managed community. Whether it’s a condominium or a master-planned community, you, your neighbors, and your association team are in it together. This is especially valuable for people who don’t have family close by, as neighbors often become their chosen family. And, those who live within a community often have similar lifestyles, which helps build the feeling of belonging to a community.

Consistent property values.

One of the main reasons people buy into an HOA is the role of the management team in maintaining the consistency of property values. The board is there to help you protect your largest investment—and ensure that your investment maintains its value. Homeowners must comply with the community laws related to the upkeep of their lawns, homes, and personal property. This shared respect for the community keeps property values desirable.

Activities, activities, activities.

In HOA communities, there’s something for everyone to do – barbecues, board meetings and committee involvement. With so many things to do there’s plenty of opportunities for neighbors to get together, meet each other, create personal bonds, and do good for their community. It’s an environment that fosters engagement in fun activities and association duties.

Amenities and more.

Walking paths, gyms, pools, recreational areas, dog parks and family parks are some of the amenities you’re likely to find in many communities. Depending on the type of community you live in, you can be sure to find amenities that suit your lifestyle. Most HOA community homeowners agree “The best part of living here is all the fun stuff to do.”

Common areas.

Well-maintained communities aren’t just nice to look at, but also easy to live in. Shared spaces create perfect opportunities to meet friends or spend time with yourself. From manicured gardens, tree-lined streets,and garbage-free policies,a community can create a sense of wellbeing and price of ownership.

The team at Chaparral is here to make sure that every aspect of living in an HOA community is like no other. Enjoy!