Top HOA and Management Myths That Scare Off Owners

HOAs are popular entities that often garner unwanted attention from potential association owners. There are several unfortunate myths that house hunters tend to listen to that scare them away from the benefits of living in a properly managed association.

Don’t let misinformation drive off excellent future HOA members. Trust the team at Chaparral Management to give your board the knowledge it needs to bring in quality and long-lasting members.

The Board is Just Power-Hungry

An HOA stays organized through the rules and regulations that drive its success. Unfortunately, this means that the association’s Board of Directors often has to make decisions that feel controlling for community members.

Following the rules is just part of being part of an HOA. Your Board isn’t a group of power-hungry villains eager to control every aspect of the owner’s lives. In fact, a board is purely a group of volunteers that have the best interests of the community in mind. These best interests include enforcing the rules of the Association that all owners agree to when purchasing a home in an HOA.

We’re Just Here to Make Money

Many people believe that HOAs and HOA management companies are just there to make money for the people at the top of the organization.

Yes, associations require monthly or annual payments from association members, but these funds don’t go into the pockets of board members.

Organizational leadership oversees maintaining the appeal and success of an association. So, let us help your community save money and prepare the budgets that prove your association funds go to projects that benefit the owners who pay for them.

HOAs Railroad All Home Improvements

HOAs give owners the opportunity to live in a clean, beautiful, and organized community. However, this often means that the exterior of a home must remain compliant with the association’s requirements (i.e. paint color, manicured landscaping, a certain number of cars in the driveway).

So, in a sense, this myth is partially correct when it comes to making alterations and renovations to the exterior of a home. However, going through the process of getting board approval often results in a positive outcome for those wanting to give their home a little extra curb appeal.

Keep in mind that all interior decor is a homeowner’s right and rarely falls under any regulations that hold owners back.

High HOA Fees Aren’t Worth the Investment

Sure, we understand that high HOA fees can be an eye-opener for some first-time homeowners. However, as we’ve said before, all HOA fees go towards community improvements and events that benefit homeowners.

We can help you convince new homeowners that higher HOA fees are an investment in their happiness and that when they go with a lower fee, they only get what they pay for (which may not be much).

Board Decisions Are Made in Secret

Yes, it’s true, one of the different types of board meetings are closed sessions that general homeowners aren’t privy to. Keep in mind that these sessions aren’t where the big community decisions are made, but where private legal matters and internal committee issues are discussed.

Any decisions that directly affect owners and community members are made in public board meetings that have minutes any community member has the power to review.

Dispel HOA Myths with the Help of Chaparral Management

If you know that your HOA isn’t growing because of these and other myths, let Chaparral Management help you deliver the truth to your community members.

We are an association management company that knows our industry from the inside out and can help you manage your association in the smartest way possible. Contact Chaparral today to learn more about our HOA management services.