Cultivating a Vendor Management Culture


Managing your vendors isn’t limited to the members of the board — it’s a collaborative effort involving the entire community. Engaging your residents in the vendor management process can foster a sense of ownership and empowerment, resulting in a vibrant and united community.  By involving residents in vendor selection, gathering feedback and encouraging active participation, […]


How to Create a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your HOA South Texas Neighborhood With An HOA Community maintenance is one of the biggest projects that an HOA board and its management team oversee. Although most HOAs are always prepared for a maintenance need to arise, some can be caught by surprise and experience unexpected expenses. […]


A Quick Look At HOA Neighborly Disputes Although we’d love to create a community out of a neighborhood, it’s inevitable that there will eventually be some conflict among neighbors. While most resolution comes from neighbors simply talking it out, there are some extreme cases of harassment where an Association and community management team can step […]


What Do Your HOA Fees Actually Cover? Everyone knows that part of being an HOA member is paying community dues. Whether the payments are monthly or annually, they must be paid in order for your association’s board to put the money towards community projects and maintenance. Many owners view HOA fees as a negative item […]


Top HOA and Management Myths That Scare Off Owners HOAs are popular entities that often garner unwanted attention from potential association owners. There are several unfortunate myths that house hunters tend to listen to that scare them away from the benefits of living in a properly managed association. Don’t let misinformation drive off excellent future […]

Workers’ Comp

Does Your HOA need Workers’ Comp Insurance? Workers’ compensation is a common form of insurance that many businesses employ to protect their leadership and reputation. Although workers’ compensation is required in many states across the nation, Texas allows its business owners the choice to enact this type of insurance. Associations are part of an industry […]


Common HOA Dog Ownership Rules to Keep in Mind One of the most popular gifts given during the holiday season is the gift of “man’s best friend.” While we all love our furry family members, it’s important to remember that all associations have established rules in place regarding dog ownership. Before you purchase a pooch […]

HOA Harassment

HOA Harassment: When Homeowners Behave Badly Sometimes the HOA doesn’t come to a decision that pleases the homeowners in a community. Usually, the outcome is disappointing, yet civil; but there is always a slim chance that a homeowner can act out of hand. If your association has made some decisions that turned some homeowners’ heads, […]

The DL on HOA’s

Benefits of Living in HMO Communities What are the best reasons to live in an HMO community? We asked our Chaparral community managers to highlight the most popular benefits of living in a HOA community and here is what we heard. Community and belonging There is a real sense of togetherness in a well-managed community. […]

The Secret Sauce

The most-wanted qualities of a Community Manager Believe it or not, Chaparral still manages their very first community since 1973. The most important ingredient in keeping our community partners happy? It’s all about the community managers, who are here to guide, consult and execute for the HOA board. Qualities of a great community manager? Each […]