3 Biggest Benefits of an HOA Inspection
hoa inspections

Keeping your HOA safe, inviting, and functional goes much deeper than quick fixes when problems arise. That’s why HOAs throughout Texas rely on regular HOA inspections throughout the year that help pinpoint potential issues, set owners’ minds at ease, and increase the community’s reputation in the HOA sector.

During an HOA inspection, either the board, a management company, or a hired third-party inspects the HOA’s common areas and the exterior of the home’s to ensure all is uniform and conforms to the community’s CC&Rs.

Regular inspections can be a lot of work for Board members who are also dealing with life as a community volunteer. However, getting these inspections done multiple times a year is paramount if you want to keep your association in top shape.

Here’s a closer look at three of the biggest benefits of regular HOA inspections and how Chaparral Management can help!

Regular HOA Inspections Save Money in the Long Term

HOA inspections help associations save money because they keep shared community buildings in good condition. Regular inspections mean that the association can identify and address maintenance problems before they become severe long term expenses.

Consider regular inspections as a proactive approach to maintenance that saves money on expensive replacements tomorrow by fixing them today.

Aside from general repairs savings, inspections can also prevent legal issues that arise from neglected common areas. If a community member is injured on community property and the cause is negligence, your association could be looking at an expensive lawsuit.

Keep the lawyers off your back and put your HOA management team to work and inspect your property multiple times a year.

HOA Inspections Help Improve Property Value

The goal of your association is to remain a desirable community for new owners over the years. Members will come and go, and it’s important that your association’s property value on individual homes remains high and grows over time.

Regular inspections can ensure your owners comply with your uniformity standards and that if an issue arises, you can easily get it resolved.

Inspections also keep up the general curb appeal of your community. Between knowing when it’s time to switch out seasonal plants to touching up the lines of your parking spaces, visual appeal matters when you’re trying to retain current homeowners and attract new members at the same time.

HOA Inspections Make Your Community Amenities Safer

When you regularly inspect your shared amenities like the pool, playground, or recreation center, you have the opportunity to make little improvements and repairs that ensure your shared space remains safe and desirable.

We recommend creating a seasonal checklist for your property inspections. This ensures that nothing goes unnoticed throughout the year. For example, making sure sidewalks aren’t iced over in the winter or that the A/C is in perfect condition before summer rolls around.

When your amenities are safer, your owners stay happy. This leads to less owner turnover and helps your association retain its most valuable asset; its members.

Put Your Association Under the Microscope With Chaparral Management

Chaparral Management is at your service if you’re a Board member in a Spring or Katy association and know you need help conducting regular inspections.

We are a local association management company in Houston, Texas that specializes in community inspections. Keeping your property values high is always the end goal; our thorough touch can lead to quick solutions and desired community compliance.

We’re ready to help you with your inspection and other HOA management needs. Let us work hard behind the scenes while your Board members serve as the welcoming face of the community.

Contact us today to learn more about our HOA management services and how to become a member of the Chaparral Management family.